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"The ULTRA Bike is something special"

In the 20s Club are the most loyal of the loyal: What drives them? They come together once a year – invited by the organizing committee (OC) of the Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon, which will be held for the 24th time on July 14. "It is a very special evening because you are our most loyal customers," says Sarah Eckmann, responsible for customer loyalty and honors in the OC. All invitees have participated in the mountain bike marathon in Kirchzarten 20 times or more. Some, true to their passion for cycling, came to the ceremony with their road or mountain bikes – their bodies well-trained, their legs even more so. All new members of the 20s Club receive a "20x" jersey as a gift. "You can't buy it; you have to earn it," says Sarah Eckmann. The evening shows that special achievements are made by special people. Where does the deep connection to cycling in general and to the ULTRA Bike in particular come from? What draws them back every year? We asked a few:

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ULTRA Bike Marathon 2024 (12 to 14 July) in Kirchzarten - Matthias Bettinger has already been "at the start" 16 times
Training for "the highlight on the doorstep"
"There is something for everyone. It doesn't necessarily have to be the ULTRA."
The world-class mountain biker Adelheid Morath raves about the Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon in Kirchzarten and, as a nutrition specialist, also has advice for all those who have a few extra pounds on their ribs after the many days of festivities.
Black Forest ULTRA Bike Marathon 2024: Early registration has many benefits
Registration for the 24th edition of the traditional mountain bike marathon in Kirchzarten has started
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